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Founded in 1992, nestled in the delightful market town of Sevenoaks, Lana Banana Studios are the leading recording studio & audio house in

South-East England specialising in award-winning professional voiceover & ADR recording for television, film, internet, radio, audiobooks & podcasts, with industry-leading expertise in remote recording.

Driven by an expert engineering and production team with a sterling reputation for precision & an incredible ear, & over seventy years of combined experience not just 'in the industry', but also as professional playing musicians, our art & speciality is working with real detail - Recording real voices and real sound in the finest quality.

Powered by Pro Tools | Ultimate, Universal Audio interfaces & Focusrite 'Air' preamps, & with a fine collection of industry standard VO & ADR microphones including the Neumann U87, Sennheiser MKH 416 & Sanken COS-11 lavalier, here at Lana Banana Studios we pride ourselves on providing one of the warmest & most enjoyable recording experiences you will find at any studio, and expert, unrivalled commitment to our clients with first-class results whilst maintaining the most competitive rates in the south of England.

Source-Connect Pro, Source-Connect Now, Session Link Pro, Zoom, Skype, Audiomovers & Cleanfeed are all available for remote sessions & producer/director dial-in, as well as VocALign Pro 4, EdiCue & EdiPrompt for visual cues on our monitors & 12ft ADR stage screen.

Call us on +44 (0)3301 228965 or email us at

Our Work

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Our Rates & Services

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Straight Script Read (no picture or dial-in etc)

£60/hr inc Engineer

Additional Studio Time (editing etc)


Voiceover recording with any of the following:

Source-Connect Pro / Source-Connect Now

Session Link Pro / Audiomovers / Cleanfeed

ISDN (via ipDTL) / Zoom / Skype


ADR (inc any cue setup)


Voiceover Artist Hire

from £140/hr. POA.


Voiceover/ADR Recording

World-class VO & ADR for TV, film, animation & more, using Neumann & Sennheiser microphones. Record-to-picture, RTS, VocALign Pro 4 & dial-in available via Zoom or Skype.

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Industry-leading audiobook,

radio drama, podcast & voice reel recording of the finest quality for authors, actors, screenwriters & voiceover talent, with full editing & production.

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Remote Recording

We remotely record talent around the globe in pristine quality via Source-Connect Pro, Session Link Pro, Audiomovers, Source-Connect Now, & Cleanfeed.

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On-Location Recording

We have multiple mobile recording setups all running Pro Tools, enabling us to take to the road and record at your own specified location here in the UK.   

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Dialogue Recording/Editing

Fundamental & precise recording, editing, cleaning, preparation and file organisation of dialogue for

video games, film, animation & more. 

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Experienced physical reproduction & recording of everyday sound effects

in-studio for post-production in film, video games, television & animation.

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Voiceover Artist Hire

Take the stress & uncertainty out of hiring a voiceover artist -

Browse through & listen to our very own in-house roster of professional VO talent, ready to hire for your next project.

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First-class sound & band mixing & mastering with immense detail, for clients who have either recorded with us, or those who have recorded elsewhere, looking for improved results.

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The Studio

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Our outstanding ADR Room is our flagship recording space, sonically designed to capture all things acoustic & natural in the finest detail - All ADR, voiceover & vocal recordings recorded in-house, are tracked in this room.

The ADR Room is fitted with an impressive 12ft motorised ceiling recessed projector screen - Ideal for recording timecoded scripts to picture. Our hush-box enclosed projector is linked to the control room & Pro Tools, but can also be connected up to a client laptop if desired. EdiPrompt is also available for visual cues on-screen during record-to-picture sessions.

Other features of the ADR Room include Pro-Tools sync'd light cue, direct window view between the control room, clothed table & Herman Miller Aeron chair for seated sessions, large portable double-sided acoustic screen, and four comfy theatre seats fitted at one end, formerly of The Lewisham Theatre.

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Happening Now

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