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Lana Banana Studios offer world-class ADR (automated dialogue replacement) recording to picture for TV shows, feature films, independent films & more.

Our exceptional sound stage can seamlessly connect with studios, talent and directors around the world via Source-Connect Pro, SessionLink Pro, Zoom, Skype, Source-Connect Now.
Neumann U87, Sennheiser MKH 416 and Sanken COS-11 microphones are used as standard, however, we can  bring in other microphones upon request.


Our state-of-the-art spacious, silent voiceover suite has recorded thousands of voiceovers for TV shows, TV & radio commercials, IVR and virtual reality, all over the world.

We can record to picture or wild, in-person or remotely, with clients able to connect and dial-in to live sessions via the likes of Source-Connect, SessionLinkPro, Zoom & more.
We can also edit and sync during the session to give the client a live preview of their project.


We have the pleasure of recording native voice and English dubbing for some of the world's leading animation studios.

Whether we're recording English/American for some of Hollywood's most famous studios or recording English dubbing for Asian cartoons, our versatility and expertise brings animation and voice together.


We regularly welcome screenwriters, authors, actors and journalists to Lana Banana Studios to record audiobooks, audio dramas & podcasts for the modern streaming world.

We can take care of your entire project from start to finish from recording to editing, bringing in music, sound effects and jingles, and mixing, mastering and delivering your project for upload/distribution.


Our sterling reputation and years in the industry has seen us build excellent relationships with talent agencies, actors and voice talent all over the UK and beyond.

Male, female, adult or child, utilising our extensive pool of contacts we can take care of voice and character casting and hire in dozens of languages, accents and tones for animation, TV & radio commercials, company videos & more.


A great quality, fully produced voice reel is crucial for voice actors to showcase their range of spoken skills, accents, languages and tonal deliveries, and we have recorded hundreds of demo reels for actors from all over the UK.

We work with talent young and old, recording and producing voice reels that can include anything from mock commercials to audiobook reads to documentary presenting, editing in music, sound effects and seamless transitions between reads for a perfect end product.


Our highly skilled engineers are absolute specialists when it comes to editing, trimming, fixing, enhancing and sweetening audio.

Whether it be removing unwanted sounds, adding in laugh tracks or sound effects, or adding echo, delay or other effects to existing audio, our powerful control room has all the tools to sweeten your audio, ready for air.


TV commercials aired all over the world in dozens of different languages have been recorded right here at Lana Banana Studios.

Connecting remotely to voice talent around the globe using SessionLink Pro and Source-Connect, we have recorded commercials for the likes of Fanta, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, IKEA, Nestlé, Michelin, Nespresso, Nesquik and many more in languages including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian & more.


Our roots in the music industry call us back from time-to-time, and we still regularly work with a number of musicians, singer/songwriters and vocalists on soundtracks, and personal & commercial projects, too.

Our love for real sound, real voices and real instruments see's us continue to record musical talent year-round from single vocalists and acoustic artists, to performing arts groups and academies.


Our location recording team can take to the road and capture sound outside of the studio at your desired location.

Whether it's recording the voice, music, or everyday sound or noises, we can bring our mobile setup to you.


Straight Script Read (no picture or dial-in etc)

£60/hr inc Engineer

Additional Studio Time (editing etc)


Voiceover recording with any of the following:

Source-Connect Pro / Source-Connect Now

Session Link Pro / Audiomovers / Cleanfeed

ISDN (via ipDTL) / Zoom / Skype


ADR (inc any cue setup)


Voiceover Artist Hire

from £140/hr. POA.