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£60/hr solo read

£120/hr with Zoom during recording

£150/f hr editing & quality control

The audiobook industry continues to be one of the fastest growing parts of the audio & publishing business, and as a result, more and more authors publish audiobooks every year.

Here at Lana Banana Studios we can take care of and guide you through the recording of your audiobook in pristine quality from start-to-finish, with full editing, proofing, mastering and production for release on industry standard platforms such as Audible and Spotify etc.


Authors are very welcome to voice their own books, or we also have a huge pool of expert voiceover talent ready to be the voice of your story - Just have a browse through our roster of voiceover artists HERE and take a listen to their demo reels - All of which were recorded and produced right here on our sound stage where we regularly record voice talent for the likes of Disney, Netlifx, HBO, AppleTV, BBC One, Discovery+ and many more.


We can also connect with external producers etc via Zoom during the recording process if you wish.

In terms of recording time, a regular read-rate of 150 words per minute is normal, however it is worth bearing in mind that the talent is not likely to read continuously for a whole hour, so we estimate to usually record around 45 minutes of actual reading within an hour, which is 6,750 words.

When it comes to editing and proofing, for every hour of recorded audio, expect around two hours of editing. So if we have spent ten hours recording, editing is likely to take around twenty hours. This is a general rough guide, dependent on a number of factors including how many

re-reads and breaks etc are taken made during recording.

Hear a voice you like or have any questions about recording your next audiobook with us?

Get in touch with us today by email at or give us a call on 03301 228965.



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