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I’ve worked with lots of successful artists in studios all over the world, and to find a great little studio almost on my doorstep is amazing!


Henry and Dave made us feel welcome, and they run an excellent, professional and well equipped studio. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

—  Mickey Modern

(Manager - Nik Kershaw)

The PERFECT place for anyone to work with complete professionals for outstanding results.

After going to many other studios to record tracks and being disappointed by the service and end product, working with Lana Banana to create something I am proud of has been a breath of fresh air.


They work with you and give their experienced advice to make the journey so easy and enjoyable. Nothing is too much of a problem and their final products are magic. From the bottom of my heart, these guys have made a massive difference to me and my confidence - I have no doubt in recommending them to anyone and using them for everything I do in the future. I will be booking sessions with them very shortly!

—  Oliver Tourle


We have worked with Lana Banana on a number of occasions including helping to test their new Source Connect software recently. Extremely friendly and professional team who we look forward to working with again in the future.

—  Doghouse Post Production

(BBC One, BBC Two, CBeebies, BBC Sport)

Highly recommend this studio,

I had a tight deadline for V/O work, and these guys went above and beyond to accommodate me as well as provide a very professional environment with a friendly atmosphere.


I left with high quality recordings and a very satisfied customer! I will definitely use them again!

—  Natacha Costello

(professional voiceover artist)

As a session vocalist and singer songwriter I have been into quite a few studios, but very few compare to Lana Banana Studios.


I was at Lana Banana this morning for the first time to record vocals for a local songwriter, and I was really impressed with the quality of their studio; The vocal booth and vocal mic were both excellent as was the rest of the equipment. The atmosphere had a great vibe, relaxed but very professional, and it was a pleasure to record there.


I will definitely be back again very soon to record some of my own material.

—  Leanne McCree

(professional session vocalist)

I've recently had a session at the Lana Banana Studios and I was working on my voice reel with Henry.

Straight away he was friendly, accommodating and told me to make myself at home. What we covered in the session was fantastic and I am so, so pleased with the final product. I had lots of ideas in my head as to how I wanted it to sound, changes that I wanted to make and ideas regarding the transitions between the songs and Henry worked his magic and made it all come to life.

It was a great feeling hearing it all come together and I was truly impressed with what Henry could do. He gave valuable feedback on what could be done to make it better and I really appreciate all of his hard work.

My voice reel sounds so professional, the transitions are so smooth and effective and I am really pleased that I chose Lana Banana Studios to put together my professional voice reel. All of that for a great rate too. Thank you so much!

—  Kayleigh Forster

(musical theatre professional)

I'm just listening back to the recordings we put together at this studio today and I am truly blown away!

Henry and Dave have helped us create a wonderful sound with their professionalism, but not only that the made our first recording experience fun, welcoming, relaxed and happy. Thanks to you both.


Would recommend to anyone wanting to experience professional recording at it's best. Thank you!

—  Ian Bilik

(Small Town Talk, band)

Such an amazing experience at Lana Banana today - So professional but at the same time super friendly and easy to work with.


They made me feel very relaxed and more confident about what I was recording. Also enjoyed watching them mix the tracks with me and were great with suggestions but also always asked for my opinions and input.

Everything ran smoothly and within just three hours I walked out with five tracks ready to be burned to CD - and didn't at all feel that I had been rushed.


Overall a great experience; Would definitely recommend! I hope to come back again in the future.

—  Keturah Paice


5/5 incredible experience. Such a friendly, safe and professional environment to work in.

Absolute pleasure to work with the team at Lana Banana Studios.

They were so generous and went above and beyond to ensure I was not only happy with my finished vocal, but had an enjoyable experience in the process.


Extremely pleased with the final product which I will be using as audition material and will be proudly sending out to industry professionals.

Highly highly recommend Lana Banana Studios to singers of all abilities and from all walks of life.

—  Sam Knight


I'm just listening back to the recordings we put together at the studio today and I am truly blown away!

Henry and Dave have helped us create a wonderful sound with their professionalism, but not only that the made our first recording experience fun, welcoming, relaxed and happy. Thanks to you both.


Would recommend to anyone wanting to experience professional recording at it's best. Thank you!

—  Jeeves Kanth

(session guitarist)

I can honestly say this was one of my best experiences ever!

Not only did I get to hear my daughter Josephine's amazing voice, I also learnt a lot about recording.


From start to finish Henry and Dave were fantastic. As a novice parent trying to keep a low profile and not cramp my daughters style, I was made to feel very welcome and very much a part of the process, so much so it was hard to leave.


Thank you so much to you both, the songs are spectacular!!

—  Beverly Lunn


We can not rate highly enough. Such lovely, knowledgeable people that made the experience of going into a recording studio a very easy one, even with kids!

Would definitely recommend and will be back at some stage to do some more recording. Thank you Henry and Dave. What a pleasure.

—  Terrifying Travelling Tipsy Termites


I'd 100% recommend Lana Banana. The team are fantastic - Dave and Henry are awesome - really friendly and highly skilled, and they work hard to help you to get the best out of your recording experience.


The equipment and the quality of the sound is great, and the atmosphere is relaxing and creative, all for a great price.

—  Anna Dixon


Lana Banana studios are a class above when it comes to comfort and sound.

Their enthusiasm and hard work made our tracks that extra bit special. Would recommend to anyone, even if you aren't from around Kent.


Best quality sound from all of the studios I have worked in.

—  Son of Glenn


Had he most amazing time at Lana Banana Studios. They are so kind and brilliantly professional, they put me at ease and made me sound fantastic.


They are great if you've never done a recording before and looking for a way to get a career going. Thank you guys.

—  Lilli Connelly

(musical theatre vocalist)

The studio is the best studio we've been to.

Really nice people and so quick at what they do!! AMAZING!!


(professional magician)

Fantastic, friendly and warming hosts.

Had great fun and wouldn’t hesitate to go again. Would highly recommend!

—  Vikki Hunt


Always a pleasure working with Dave and Henry. The first time I went to the studio I was made to feel welcome and comfortable which is so important when dealing with Artists. I´ve been back many times since, and still the same warm welcome.


Good mic selection, vocal booth has great acoustic treatment, Pro Tools Ultimate, spacious and good sounding control room, talented, professional team and most importantly plenty of tea going round!

—  Ashea

(EDM producer)

Had a wonderful day recording a 3-track EP with Lana Banana. 
Facilities are very good, Henry (our engineer for the day) was the right balance of hands-off and 'You can do better!!' whenever we hit a sticky patch.

Overall very productive and welcoming environment.

—  Leo Snook

(Chasing Shadows, band)

Nice layout, very helpful and professional!
Very different from the studios I have been to before.
The recording booth had plenty of natural light coming through as opposed to the 'box room' look.
Henry the engineer knew exactly what we needed!

—  Michael Davis

(brass player)

Lana Banana Studios is awesome! Amazing studio, Great equipment, Very professional and friendly staff. Highly recommend this studio!!!

—  Anthony Boatright

(session electric bassist)

Perfect little place to go do some recording, nice chilled-out vibe but with all the tech you'd need to get something recorded to a really high standard. Really inexpensive too, when compared with other studios in the area. Would definitely recommend. Thanks to Henry for sorting it out!

—  David Mumford


Amazing work by Lana Banana Studios for Black Mission movie. They are so friendly and also they understand your vision. Thank you aso much Dave and Henry, looking forward to work on next project with you guys.

—  Sunny Denvi

(film producer)

This is an awesome studio with such great vibes and professionalism.  I am so glad I found you guys to help me produce my solo album. Thanks Dave and Henry and Lana Banana Studios!

—  Tiffy Crawford

(alternative artist)

The Lana Banana experience is highly welcoming and relaxed, making an excellent musical environment to work in.

The recordings are of great quality and both Dave and Henry work really hard to producing amazing sounding tracks with no pressure or limitations which I have experienced at other studios. A great experience for anyone looking to record.

—  Niamh McSmith


Henry and Dave are fantastic at what they do.

I came here to record some demo drum tracks and the sound they produced was amazing; I didn't know my kit could sound like that. It was perfect.


Lana Banana are hands down the best place to go for a relaxed yet thorough music session.

I thoroughly recommend Lana Banana to any musician.

—  Will Hone


Very impressed with Lana Banana studios. Run by two excellent people, for whom nothing is too much trouble. Very welcoming and highly professional, the studio really brought out the best of my daughter's vocals. I can highly recommend Lana Banana to anyone wanting a first class, professional service.

—  Martin Lunn


Very relaxed atmosphere. Great tech and set up. Absolutely delighted With the results! Thank you Lana Banana.

—  Jenny Hawkins

(professional voiceover artist)

These guys are fantastic, I went to do a charity single with a great bunch of singers from around Kent and Lana Banana Studios were incredible at putting the track together, and the final mix was awesome!

—  Luke Pope


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