Lana Banana Studios COVID-19 Health & Safety Overview

Traveling to Lana Banana Studios
To protect personnel at Lana Banana Studios and help reduce transmission in the wider community, we ask everybody to follow GOV.UK guidance, and would strongly encourage all visitors to use their own vehicles to travel to the studio, avoiding use of public transport wherever possible.

When arriving at the studio

To ensure all personnel gain access safely, when arriving you should allow a small amount of extra time to access the studio for registration & a temperature check.

Please ensure you are wearing a face-covering before you enter the studio & use the hand sanitiser station located at the entrance on your right-hand side when you do first enter through the main entrance.

Upon entry, please maintain a minimum 1-metre distance from the studio employee who has let you in. They will then brief you and guide you on where to go.

Social distancing

To reduce the possibility of transmission on-site, we are following UK Government guidelines & implementing a minimum 1-metre social distancing ruling (when all parties are wearing a face covering) throughout the studio between staff and visitors, and visitors within a group who are not from the same household. When not wearing a face covering, please social-distance at a minimum 2-metre distance.

Please use the outside space provided when on breaks, which can be accessed by going back out through the main entrance and following the paved pathway down the left-hand side of the building.

Personal Hygiene
To reduce the possibility of transmission on-site we are providing s
anitising stations and signage at external entry and studio entry points, advisory/guidance hand wash signage in the visitor bathroom, anti-bacterial hand-wash in all bathrooms, single-use paper towels in all toilet facilities, additional anti-bacterial surface wipes and hand-sanitiser located in every room.

We ask all visitors to refrain from picking up or touching any objects, equipment or surfaces when it is not absolutely necessary, and we shall be encouraging the use of a tablet/iPad to read scripts, as opposed to using paper printed from the studio printer.

PPE & Face Masks/Shields/Visors
We ask that visitors use face coverings or masks at all times when not recording. All visitors should supply their own face covering, however, disposable face coverings are available upon entry if required.

Studio employees shall be wearing face masks at all times around the studio outside of the Control Room, and full face shields/visors when opening the front door for visitors first entering the premises.

Face shields/visors shall also been worn if a studio employee needs to enter the main recording room that is in use whilst a visiting client is in the same space, for the purpose of adjusting a microphone stand or similar equipment etc.

COVID-19 Specific Cleaning
To remove possible contamination of surfaces and equipment, Lana Banana Studios will be heavily disinfecting and deep cleaning common touch and surface areas in the morning, evening, & throughout the day in between sessions. This includes, but is not limited to pop shields, light switches, headphones, music stands, cables, microphones, work surfaces, chairs, pens, hand sanitiser bottles & door handles.


HEPA filter air purifiers are also located in the main ADR room, the piano room, and the control room, and shall be purifying the air before, during (where possible) and after all sessions, with a minimum 30-minutes of air purification carried out between different clients.

To keep all personnel safe during breaks, full access to the studio kitchen is currently off-limits to visitors, however, access to the utility area to make use of the touch-free refrigerated water dispenser and coffee machine is permitted.
Visitors are advised to bring all food/drink that they require for the day with them and to take all their waste/rubbish home with them or use the bins provided.

Alternatively, we are in a Deliveroo delivery area with a wide range of local restaurants able to deliver to the studio including the likes of Wagamama, Nando's, Subway, Papa John's, Pizza Express, Cote Brasserie, Prezzo & Zizzi, as well as independent delivery from the likes of Domino's, and cuisine including steak, fish & chips, Thai, Curry, Malaysian, & Turkish.

Remote Monitoring

Lana Banana Studios have a wide range of monitoring options available for both remote recording, and production dial-in.

We are pleased to be able to offer the following:

• Source-Connect Pro

• Session Link Pro

• Source-Connect NOW

• Zoom

• Audiomovers Listento

• Cleanfeed

• Skype

• Phone Patch

• ipDTL